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Screw Fastening Systems design for interior finishing and decking.

Hilti's innovative solutions are designed to make screw fastening faster and more reliable.


Interior Finishing


Designed to speed up the installation of drywall boards and to be ergonomic and comfortable to use. We offer a wide range of screws to cover all major interior finishing applications.


Metal screw fastening systems designed for speed, endurance and high performance


Using Hilti mechanical fasteners for metal decking offers you significant advantages—including rain-or-shine installation, simple visual inspection and a reliable connection that meets or exceeds codes. 

Our ‘Racing Tip’, ‘Perfect Sealing’ and ‘Speedy’ screw technologies are just a few of the innovative solutions we’ve designed to make screw fastening faster and more reliable. Decking tools like the DX 9 fully automated powder-actuated tool and Hilti SDT 5 are designed for speed and productivity, and are ergonomic with no need for bending.


Firestop Design Center


Hilti helps specifiers and building owners by providing the safest firestop products on the market with simple and intuitive installation options designed to help preserve property and protect lives. Hilti firestop solutions provide the best possible protection in all kinds of conditions.

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