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Shower and Wet Room Systems, Design Showers and Wellness, Custom Showers & Wellness Systems

20 year warranty

39 years of technology

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Decoupling, sealing, reinforcing, drainage and insulation – five complementary and overlapping areas. A wide range of offers is available on the market, however, these products often simply improve or optimise one aspect. To guarantee a truly effective and permanent safety, all components must be perfectly matched to one another. The DURABASE solutions are the result of many years of experience and the consistent, rigorous further development of components in line with technical progress. Perfectly matched to one another, they simplify installation work and guarantee the secure protection of tiled and natural stone surfaces, as well as parquet, laminate or design flooring.

Sealing of walls and floors In indoor areas, DURABASE WP can be used as a seal in combination with the tiled surface on walls and floors. Here, DURABASE WP offers secure bonding to the subsurface and easy installation. Sealing in areas with extremely high moisture levels Even in areas where moisture levels are more likely to be extreme, DURABASE WP can still be used in conjunction with a tiled floor for sealing walls and floor.

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