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20 year warranty

39 years of technology

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wedi - the specialist and partner in waterproof and directly tileable building panels, customizable shower systems and many more modular design systems made for tile and stone finishes. Founded 39 years ago, the quality and innovation leader is today active in 36 countries and works closely with distribution partners and servicing architects, builders, retailers and end-consumers for all their needs projects around wet room design and preparation.


wedi is a top of the line, light weight, 100 % internally waterproof system for the commercial or residential sector, whether it is about new construction or renovation. Install it and you are finished! No need for any other product to be applied.

  • One employee can install a 3’X 5’ shower including floor and drain in 2 hours or an adaptable niche 16 “X 42” in 20 minutes.

  • Condo renovations? In just a few hours,  you are able to remove a tub and walls, reinstall a wedi system and start tiling that very same day.

  • 3’X 8” X 1/2 panel weighs only 11lbs.

  • Damaged tiles due to water leaks can be replaced in 20 minutes with wedi as your backer board, not 4 hours or more.

  • wedi, unlike every other product on the market, does not mildew or mold!